At Hummingbird Content Studio, we believe in elevating the voices of those who have been underrepresented in advertising and filmmaking. Our workflow engenders a nimble approach to production and ensures that talent and creative are aligned. We take pride on being able to pull off the impossible. If a hummingbird can visit 1000 flowers in a single day, fly backwards, and dive at sixty miles per hour, Hummingbird Content Studio can certainly achieve the extraordinary too.


With mentorship from the industry’s most seasoned and successful directors and production teams, Hummingbird creators are equipped to make any kind of content that comes their way: commercial, documentary, music video, photography, social assets, longform, branded content and more.


Our unique voice is cultivated and shaped by our team of filmmakers from various international heritages, varied backgrounds + experiences.  They highlight the most interesting aspects of humanity in their work, all lead by a seasoned production team with the knowledge and relationships to pull off the impossible.